Creative Blogger Blog Hop!

A big thank you to my friend Rosie from the Scrap Shotz board who nominated me as a Creative Blogger and  for asking me to join this hop!  Have you seen her blog?  No?  Check it out here. The lady has some talent!!!

So the purpose of this blog hop is to introduce you to some blogs and creative individuals that you may not have known about or had the chance to see before.  The biggest thing is to inspire you…to get those creative juices flowing!

So I’ve been asked to answer a few questions about how I create…..bwwaahhhhaaaa as if there is a method to the madness…..:)


1.What am I working on?

Right now I am working on making Christmas cards and tags to sell at a couple of upcoming craft fairs as well as my DT projects.

2.How does my work differ from others of its genre?

 I don’t know if it does really.  I think that everyone is unique in how they create and that is the great thing about it.  You can find similarities in bodies of work, but ultimately, because everyone is different so is how we create. 

3.Why do I create what I do?

I never thought of myself as a creative person really.  I just enjoy making layouts and cards and tags.  It is a stress releaser for me for one thing.  With a part time job and an active 5 year old, it’s nice to just have some ME time and this gives it to me. For my layouts, I want the future generations to meet, understand and take pride in where they come from.  I want to do it in a way that is more than a photograph but a visual story that is pleasing to look at.

4.How does my creative process work?

As I said before I don’t have a lot of method to my madness.  For my cards and tags, I find that I am inspired by other people and spend a lot of time on Pinterest!  Oh the creativity that is on there.  I also buy magazines looking for new ideas and techniques to try!  

For my layouts, I often start with a sketch that I like (again thank you blogs and Pinterest!).  Then I pick out some photos that I want to play with and then comes the paper and embellishments.  Although I sometimes use paper and embellishments from one particular line, I tend to mix and match more often than not.  It’s a challenge to find something from one line that works with something from another.  I try to add at least a couple sentences of journaling to each layout. Sometimes I have more to say about the pictures than others.  I would say 90% of the time I will hand journal, however, I do love to write it out on the computer and print it off as well.  There are just so many cute fonts out there!

It is now time for me to nominate other people that I have found inspired and who’s work I admire.

Check out Cathy’s blog.  I love seeing her cards and tags pop up on my FB feed each day.

And Mel’s as well!  She has some wonderful projects!


Check out blogs!  Be inspired!  Leave me a link with your blog so that I can come visit you and see how you create!

Thanks for stopping by!


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