Lots of news!

Hello all!  It has been a very stressful weekend in my home! My mom was recently admitted to the hospital for what we thought was a brain tumor but actually turned out to be 4 aneurysms in her brain!  She is doing well after 16 hrs of surgery and is expected to return home at the end of the week.  My family is off to visit her on Saturday and I will be spending 8 days in BC to help her recuperate!  We came very close to losing her, and ii honestly believe that it is by the hand of God that I am not attending an upcoming funeral.  She really was lucky they caught this in time as it had been leaking for over a week!  She could have died had any of them ruptured or if the leaking had continued on for another week or so!  We are just so thankful that she is okay.  A big shout out to friends and family who kept us in your prayers over the last few days!

Now I have been sitting on something for awhile now and am finally able to share with you!  As you can tell by my sidebar there are some new badges for Digital Delights!


I am honored to have been asked to join their DT for the upcoming term!  I know you have seen the DD images all over blogland and as a sponsor for several challenges so you can understand how I am really excited to work with Wendy and a great bunch of gals bringing you some awesome creations with these great images.  Make sure you look around the store……..here!  My first project for you is coming up this week with the new August release so make sure you stop by and check it out!


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  1. God has truly blessed your family in keeping your mother here on Earth with you … she came very close, I am sure, to being an angel instead in Heaven. I had a similar experience with my Mom 3 years ago. She had a brain stem stroke that rendered her completely immobile, unseeing, comatose, on life support. Only 2% are known to survive such a massive condition, and those that do survive, fully 90% of the survivors are seriously compromised (e.g., in a “life”-long coma on machines). We knew that Mom wouldn’t want to “live” like that, so the family authorized one attempt at microsurgery in the brain where are cardiac stent was attempted to be deployed in the tortuous arteries in the brain, on an experimental basis. It was like threading a needle, inside the needle. The stent did not deploy, but the surgery itself was enough to open the artery. Glory be, Mom came ALL the way back. She spent 2 weeks in rehab, came home on a walker, and now doesn’t even use a cane. She sees and has all of her fine motor skills, so much so that she makes intricate beaded necklaces! God is good. Hug your Mom for all of us believers, and enjoy your extra time with her.

    Congrats on joining the DD team!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
    E-mail: cardmonkey@comcast.net

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