Card Swaps, St. Paddy’s & Ugly on the Anything Goes group on Paper Craft Planet, I signed up for a St. Patrick’s day swap and an Ugly Swap (for those of you not familiar, an Ugly swap is when you send your partner the ugliest paper & embellies you can find, they don’t have to match and the other person has to make a card from them).  One of my fave swaps!  So without further is the kit that I got for my ugly swap

And here is the card that I made.  Luckily my pal gave me a few pieces to choose from so I got to pick the lesser of the evils

And now for the St. Paddy’s day ones

My kit from Josie

My card

My kit from Georgette

and my card

I had a lot of fun putting these together.  It’s always fun to challenge your creativity when you are limited to what someone else sends you.  If you haven’t done a swap yet, I highly recommend it.  Come join us over at Anything Goes..we do them all the time!


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