Project Scrapbook Week 4

wow! I struggled with this week’s challenge.  We had to create a layout based on a favorite children’s book.  The only book that I could think of was Little House on the Prairie.  I owned the whole series as a kid and totally read them cover to cover several times.  So I looked at the book cover and tried to think of what appealed to me, what spoke to me.  It made me think of olden days and family thus a heritage layout was created.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  It is myself as a baby with my mom, my grandmother and my (deceased) great grandmother Chrest.  I can’t believe, looking at this picture how much we Chrest women look’s like seeing myself through the years…

The Inspiration Piece
the layout for project scrapbook wk 4

let me know what you think!  week 5 is going to be even harder, we have to scrapbook about ourselves! YIKES! I rarely do that!!! Should be interesting!


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