Brooks and Dunn

Rule!  I went to the concert last nite here in Calgary.  The Last Rodeo farewell concert.  It was fantastic!  BFF Kath and I had such an awesome time.  Great seats..lots of excitement in the Dome.  Is it just me, or is Gary Allen getting hotter as he gets older?????  He was one of the opening acts and we had seen him years ago when he was with the Neon Circus tour (or as Kath and I like to call it, the ‘testosterone and tight pants tour’..c’mon, it was B&D, Gary Allen, Dwight Yokam, Chris Caigle and Trick Pony..they all wore tight was heaven! Anyway..I digress….)  I’m sad that they are breaking I have to find a new band to love…any suggestions????


2 Replies to “Brooks and Dunn”

  1. AWESOME CONCERT! Glad I saw them (again) with my BFF! Hopefully they will get together in the future….(there were a lot of hints dropped last night)…You and I will be the first in line for tickets 🙂

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