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Some New Stuff

Here are some new layouts that I did when I went to the Okotoks Scrapbooking Charity Event for Rowan House.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done layouts.  I wasn’t even sure I remembered how..LOL

this first one is a lift from a Monday Nite Class Kit.  I didn’t actually have the kit, but I did have the paper so I had a picture of the layout and then just tweaked it a bit.  I have the journalling yet to do, as I’m not exactly sure what I want to write yet.

Next are a couple of Halloween Layouts that I did.  I love this pumpkin suit!!  Sorry about that flash thingy.  I really need to get the hang of that better.  I pretty much blurred off half of Neil’s face..LOL

Lil Punkin
Trick or Treat

This last one, I found the layout in a magazine, Scrapbooks Etc. I think and I really liked how simple it was, so I used it for one of Riley’s first pictures.

Brand New

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