Can you have too many fonts?

So..I just finished downloading yet more free fonts into my database.  I’m at 337 free fonts not including the ones that come with my computer… I really need that many or is it this unsatiable need to get more just in case there’s one I really need for a layout (of which I haven’t done that many lately)? Compounded by the fact that I now have a cricut and a cuttlebug and can do my letters that way, why do I still feel the need to keep downloading …..


3 Replies to “Can you have too many fonts?”

  1. What are you saying? One can have too many fonts??? PFffft…I think not! LOL 🙂 I am not crazy enough to get to counting mine…funny thing is I continously fall back on my old faves 90% of the time! LOL Hey but you never know…I might just need that one one day.
    🙂 side note…I downloaded two today, I was a goooood girl.

  2. As long as you can store more, then why not.

    But I have gotten to the place in my life, where I am downsizing everything, including files on my poor ol’ ‘puter…………..honestly I still have pics on there from 2007 LOL

  3. With the new Mac I lost all my fonts. Cry, Cry. So I gotta figure out how to do it with this machine. They say a Mac is more user friendly. It sure ain’t for me!

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